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Whatever is Happening in Punjab Kangana Ranaut Tweets on Ajnala Police Station Attack in Amritsar



Whatever is Happening in Punjab: Kangana Ranaut recently tweeted on Ajnala police station attack in Amritsar.

Whatever is Happening in Punjab: Kangana Ranaut Tweets on Ajnala Police Station Attack in Amritsar
Whatever is Happening in Punjab: Kangana Ranaut Tweets on Ajnala Police Station Attack in Amritsar

Kangana Ranaut Tweets on Ajnala Police Station Attack: Kangana Ranaut, known for her fierce and outspoken persona never misses a chance to call a spade a spade. The actor, who recently wrapped up the shooting of her directorial Emergency posted a series of tweets on the Ajnala Police Station attack in Amritsar, Punjab. For the unversed, Kangana is playing Indira Gandhi in Emergency and the movie also throws light on the Bhindranwale lead Khalistani movement and its aftermath on Punjab’s socio-political scenario. The Emergency actor also challenged Amritpal Singh Sandhu, head of the radical outfit Waris Punjab De to confront her at an ‘intellectual debate’. She also asked for assurance that she won’t be attacked recalling vandalism attempt on her car at Punjab’s Kiratpur Sahib in 2021.


Kangana wrote in her tweet, “Whatever is happening in Punjab I predicted two years ago, many cases were filed on me, arrest warrant was issued against me, my car was attacked in Punjab, lekin wahi hua na jo maine kaha tha (whatever I predicted earlier is now actually happening), now is the time non- Khalistani Sikhs need to make there position and intension clear.” She reposted her quote tweet which read “6 summons, one arrest warrant, ban on my movies in Punjab, physical attack on my car, the price a nationalist pays to keep the nation together. Khalistanis are declared terrorists by GOI if you believe in the constitution, you mustn’t have any doubt about your position on this”.


Referring to Amrit Pal’s statement where he spoke about explaining the intellectual relevance of Khalistani movement, Kangana said, “In Maharashtra (she later corrected the typo error with Mahabharata) Pandavas did Rajsu yagya, Arjun himself went up till China to claim the tax from all kings. Then all kings declared Yudhishthir Samrat of Virat Bharata. Even the world war that happened eventually was called Mahabharata, Amrit Pal mujhse discussion kare (cont)”. She further added, “Amrit pal has openly challenged the nation if anyone ready to have intellectual discussion with him he can justify the demand of #Khalistan I am shocked no one has accepted this challenge not even any politician. If I am not beaten/attacked or shot dead by Khalistanis I am ready”.


The police in Punjab’s Amritsar district had booked Amritpal and his supporters for allegedly kidnapping a man, as reported by The Indian Express. The Waris Punjab De head’s supporters barged inside Ajnal police station in Amritsar carrying swords and guns. Prior to reaching Ajnal, they had staged a protest in the middle of the road at Dhilwan toll plaza in Kapurthala district. Despite being prevented by police at Ajnala bus stand by erecting barricades Singh and his forced their way through the police station after clashing with the police. Amrit Pal had previously reportedly threatened that Union Home Minister Amit Shah will face the same fate as former prime minister Indira Gandhi. His organization Waris Punjab De was founded by late actor and activist Deep Sandhu.

Kangana will also be seen in Tejas, where she plays an Air Force Pilot. The actor is also producing and directing Emergency apart from herself playing Indira Gandhi in the movie. She has also commenced shooting for P Vasu’s Chandramukhi 2. The other movies Kangana has added to her pipeline are Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda, Sita-The Incarnation, and the Noti Binodini biopic.

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Published Date: February 25, 2023 2:32 PM IST

Updated Date: February 25, 2023 2:45 PM IST

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