Family Life of Politician

Family Life of Politician

By Smita Das

Men are the social being. We accumulated politics from the ending period of early life. Politics is everywhere. When we grow older then we have to face some problems in our own life. Then, there is a necessity to make a social reformed and we involved with the politics.

Politics is given limited attention by young people. Typically, other things seem to be much more relevant and urgent; challenges related to their education, finding a place to live and especially, staying connected with friends and partners. Most of the politically active young people in our qualitative sample describe their family and peers as the main actors in discussions about current social issues and politics.

It has been universally remarked that in our time the several members of a family stand upon an entirely new footing toward each other, that the distance which formerly separated a father from his sons has been lessened, and that paternal authority, if not destroyed, is at least impaired.

In this world, many people try to divide or break some strong relationships. In the family, their are some people, who have two faces. In friendship, their are also politics. A friend can break up two good friends.

Partners and best friends are also reported to be political discussion partners. Among respondents in a relationship, 28 per cent responded that he/she always or often discusses politics with their partner. Best friends are also relatively frequent discussion partners, while siblings and grandparents are significantly less prominent.

Life of politician is encircle by different realistic believe, diplomacy politics with their mind and their thoughts always inovative ideas of restoring and reframing a positive image and themselves in public. The family’s important role of the political personality as the main source satisfication, they need. Their are lots of unfamilities in the family life of politician. They hardly get time to spend with their families. Their thoughts and beleive ate erecting volcanic political ideas, idealistic thinking and mooting realistic for them. The politician often framing a hide image of themselves.

But a now days, we face some issue in corruption in the politics. Most of the time, leaders are to much selfish to the common people and their very much self-centered. They exhibited their activities to the benefit of the common people. But ultimately it is nothing. They wear a mask of softness and kindness. But they should not do it. Because we selected our Government by the election. We know that the Government is of the people, for the people and by the people. So, they have some duties to follow to help the poor person in all state of life and commodities. Now a days, we need a Government who plays a friendly and helpful role for our social life. Then, the Government will take a plays of honor, respect and good relations.

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