3 Foods Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Away


everything that glitters is not gold, similarly everything that looks healthy is not so. Expert bust food myths for a healthy living.

Healthy Living: 3 Foods Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Away

Healthy living is not just drinking more water and exercising regularly. There is a lot more that must be taken into consideration. Dietary practices and choices play a major role for making our body fit and healthy. In the world of trends, health fads are common. People often depend on substitutes of healthy alternatives. How many of us actually check the nutrition content on the packaging before buying products? Be it packed juices, sugar-free products or protein bars.

However, there are several foods that look as if they ar healthy alternatives, but in reality are not very much so.

Fret not because nutritionist Lovneet Batra is here for the rescue. She debunked three common food myths on her social media. She said, ” There are so many myths when it comes to eating Healthy. And, just because it seems healthy doesn’t mean it is. So, here are 3 foods that may not be as healthy as their marketing claims make them out to be.”

4 Food Myths Debunked!

Sugar-free Substitutes – Sugar-free substitutes are used to mimic the sweet taste of sugar but that doesn’t make them healthy food. These artificial sweeteners can increase your overall caloric intake, make you crave real sugar, cause insulin resistance and changes in the gut microbiome

Refined Oils– Sadly, not everything that comes from a vegetable is healthy food. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil can raise bad cholesterol and increase your risk for heart disease.

Pre-made smoothie Bowls – Premade smoothies can appear to be full of nutrients and seem like an easy way to reach your health goals but they pack a ton of added sugar and filler juice from concentrate, making the smoothie not so healthy after all.

Surprising right? But it os always best to consult a doctor for individual’s nutrition needs, It may be subjective to person to person.

Remember, the most powerful tool for nutrition you have is knowledge of what you’re eating.

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