4 Styling Ways To Mix Prints Together Like a Pro


If you are skeptical about mixing prints together, follow 4 easy styling tips and be ready create a bold statement.

Fashion Tips: 4 Styling Ways To Mix Prints Together Like a Pro

When it comes to prints, whether they’re floral, abstract, or vertical, they instantly catch attention and generate excitement. However, wearing just one print is not enough. Why settle for making a single statement when you can make multiple? Combining different prints can create a bold look, but if not styled properly, it can easily become chaotic.

Here’s listing down 4 styling ideas that can help you flatter prints:

  1. Keep your accessories minimal: Make sure when you are using a print pattern from head-to-toe, your accessories are minimal. Let your outfit do all the talking! Too many accessories can come in the way of your outfit being the thunder in fact, it can also make your ensemble look cluttered. One can opt for minimal jewellery or no jewellery at all.
  2. Consider the sizes of the prints: When combining different prices together, choose different sizes and proportions. If you are wearing thin vertical stripes for top wear, choose bottoms with larger and spaced-out stripes, this way your outfit can seem more fun and bold. Similar to a busy print top, combine it with a little less cluttered printed bottom. Loud prints with minimal print counterparts work the best.
  3. Don’t go overboard: As a basic thumb of rule, going with more than 2 prints at a time can make your outfit seem cluttered and shabby. In fact, if you want to play safe, it can be better to use the second print as an accent, a hint of contrasting prints can add more texture without being overwhelming.
  4. Mix prints with overlapping colour: When in doubt, mix different prints with the same tone from tip to toe; this style option is effortless and safe. You can also mix the same print with the same colour scheme, even if the prints clash, the outfit would seem effortless in similar tones.

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