4 Ways To Include King of Fruits When Trying To Lose Extra Fat


Mangoes are here! But are you worried if you can or cannot eat when on weight loss diet? Here is what nutritionist have to say.

Mango For Weight Loss: 4 Ways To Include King of Fruits When Trying To Lose Extra Fat
Mango For Weight Loss: 4 Ways To Include King of Fruits When Trying To Lose Extra Fat (Freepik)

It’s that time of the year again, when the king of fruits, mangoes, arrives in glory. A much-awaited fruit for the season, at least for some, mangoes are here. From cool icy shakes to raw fruity-luscious bites, mangoes are here to stay for some time. But, with mangoes, comes some looming questions about weight loss, weight gain etc. Wondering if you can have it with your weight loss regime? The answer is yes. However, there is a certain way that mangoes should be consumed when on a weight loss regime. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared how one may manage to incorporate mangoes on a weight loss diet.  She shares on her Instagram, ” Summer is here, and we have been getting questions about including mango in weight loss plans! It offers a range of health benefits and is too hard to resist. If you are also staying away from mangoes because of your strict diet regime, you can rest easy, because we have the perfect solution.”

4 Ways to Include Mangoes in Your Weight Loss Diet

Control your portions: Mangoes are full of micronutrients & fibre, you can safely eat them even on a diet, provided you eat them in small portions and dzn’t go bingeing on them. Nothing is good when you do it in excess. Consuming mangoes in excess or just limiting your diet to mangoes will not have any positive effects.

Don’t eat with or after a meal: Many Indians eat mangoes in the form of aam ras or just slices with lunch or dinner. Eating with a meal can make you consume more calories.

Eat it as a snack: Indulge in a cup of mango as a healthy snack. Mangoes are a great snack as they are rich in dietary fibre. Mango can also serve as an energy booster. Thus, making it a great pre-workout food. It can also be had as a yogurt parfait or smoothie for breakfast.

Eat in whole form: Juicing mangoes removes the fibre, making it less satiating or filling. Eat your mangoes to make use of it as a filling snack.

Note: This is general information and is no substitute to professional advice. It is always better to take advise from a professional in case of doubts.

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