5 Common Grooming Mistakes by Men That Are A Complete Turn Off


From bad odor to protruding hair, here are the 5 grossest mistakes men make that are an instant turn-off.

5 Common Grooming Mistakes by Men That Are A Complete Turn Off

While there could be 100 reasons that you would be attractive and charming, not looking presentable enough is definitely the first thing that can put you off the radar. Whether it’s taking care of your skin or investing highly in your signature scent, every girl likes a guy who takes care of them and is presentable enough. After all, grooming is for everybody!

Here are some common grooming mistakes to fix that can make you look instantly charming and definitely draw some serious attention.

Bad Odour: It’s a psychological fact that people associate you with your odor. Not smelling good is an instant turn-off and stays on top at all times. A good fragrance can be memorable and leaves a good impression. Try a good quality fragrance that works with your body chemistry and also the weather. Use mouth freshener at least twice a day and keep mint strips handy before any important dates.

Unkept Hair: Call me a fan but unless you are SRK, looking effortlessly stylish in your unkempt hair is entirely unattainable! Whether it’s getting scheduled trimming sessions or using gel, hair serum, or other products, you need to figure out that one product important to keep your hairstyle looking sharp and clean.

Untidy Nails: Now we don’t expect you to get a manicure done every month (even though it won’t hurt) but having long dirty nails has no explanation. Have your nails buffed, clean, and trimmed. Not only does it look presentable but it’s important for your personal hygiene.

Protruding Hair: Yes, the facial and body hair is quite normal but protruding hair from the nose, ears, or long hair going into the collar, and fingertips can be a little unsettling and unsightly. Pick a pair of tweezers and trim any extra long hair or you can also schedule a monthly grooming session with your barber.

Smelly socks: Smelly socks can be extremely repulsive and repugnant. Ensure to keep your hygiene in check and always wear washed socks. If you happen to sweat more than usual, keep multiple pairs of socks and use talcum powder in your socks to keep them fresh and clean at all times. Hope this helped. Follow this space for more fashion and grooming-related content.

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