5 Ways to Manage This Skin Condition in Summer


Summers can be even more harsh and skincare is always important. Here are five ways to manage this autoimmune condition during Summer.

5 Ways to Manage Psoriasis

1. Keep Skin Hydrated

Consuming ample amounts of water and fluids is vital. Especially, in Summer, dehydration can worsen the symptoms of psoriasis. People may experience increased itchiness, dryness, rash etc.

2.Sun Protection

Exposure to sunlight can flare up psoriasis. Therefore, wear full-sleeved clothes, scarves, caps and sunglasses to cover yourself when venturing outside. Also, after consulting the doctor, apply sunscreen with SPF.

3.Keep Skin Moisturised

Moisturisers keep skin soft, smooth and supple. It helps to soothe the rashes too.

4.Avoid Psoriasis Triggers

Smoking, alcohol, and stress can also heighten the symptoms of psoriasis. Therefore, monitor your lifestyle too.

5.Healthy Diet is the Golden Rule

A healthy and balanced diet is a key to every health-related issue. It helps to boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Therefore, include green veggies, fruits, protein, and vitamins in your food.

Apart from these, try to maintain a cool temperature at home. It will help to keep the rash flare-up in place in a humid climate. Also, shower regularly to condition your body.

Summer can be difficult. Sweat, heat, and humidity can all trigger the symptoms. Hence, a mix of lifestyle tweaks, skincare routines and dietary practises combined can help manage psoriasis.

Also, this is general information and no substitute to any doctor’s advice. Seek professional help in case symptoms become severe.

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