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6 Cooling Foods to Add In Your Diet For Soothing Summers



With heatwave engulfing the city, it is time to enrich our diet for a cooling time through the scorching heat.

6 Cooling Foods For Your Summer Diet (Freepik)
6 Cooling Foods For Your Summer Diet (Freepik)

Lashing hot winds and the scorching sun is what one gets as we step out on a hot Summer day in Delhi. Seems like the peak Summer time has somewhat advanced in the capital and neighbouring states. With soaring temperatures, it is time to keep our diets in check. while staying indoors is better, going out is inevitable. Hence, it is imperative to keep your body hydrated and full to pull through the day. Heatwave becomes a prevalent thing across several states and it may further cause heat exhaustion or heatstroke.


Heatstroke is a common condition that is often caused due to overheating of the body. This is a result of prolonged exposure to heat, sun and physical exertion. When the body temperature shoots over 40 degrees Celsius, a person is likely to suffer from the condition. Heatstroke or sunstroke as it is called, if not treated immediately can cause severe brain damage and harm the functioning of internal organs as well.

So, what do we want in Summers? Something cool, something chill.

Here are some foods to add that aspect of coolness in your body


As cool as Cucumber!

A summer essential and staple, cucumbers are one of the best foods to fight heatwaves. It has high water content and contains nutrients like vitamins A, B folates etc. It i super low in calories and will keep you cool and hydrated


Not many know that tomatoes are got for beating the heat. They are hydrating, have anti-inflammatory compounds and are rich in vitamin C. It further helps to lower the risk of inflammation.

For the Love of Curd!

there are no surprises here. Curd is the OG summer cooler. It may be consumed in several ways like raita, buttermilk, lassi etc. It is a probiotic that keeps gut health in check.

Coconut Water

This is the ultimate drink to fight heatwave. It is rich in electrolyte, nutritious and gives a cooling respite for the everyday swelters. It is a good source to keep the body hydrated as it maintains body’s balance of sodium and potassium.


Mint or pudina, is a staple for summer. It is consumed mainly in forms of chutney which not only adds that tangy and flavour but also helps to keep immunity enhanced with its anti-oxidant properties.

To the Melons!

Watermelon to muskmelon, these are the most hydrating Summer fruits you should not miss. They are nutrient-rich and have high water content. It will help to keep your digestion intact and help with cooling summers.

Other Preventive Tips for Heatwave

  • Stay Hydrated. Consume ample fluids as the body requires more water than usual during summers.
  • Do not exert yourself too much in the sun. Avoid going out during heatwave-like conditions.
  • Wear light-colored, loose and light weight clothes. Allow the body to breathe.
  • Take cool baths to help lower body temperature.

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