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Aries Must Invest Business Wisely, Gemini Must Offer Roses to Goddess Parvati



If you are the one who has faith in your stars, here’s a quick tip from the expert to help you plan your day ahead. Check your astrological prediction for the day.

Horoscope Today (3)
Horoscope Today, February 12, Sunday: Aries Must Invest Business Wisely, Gemini Must Offer Roses to Goddess Parvati

Aries- Vehicle will be received. Invest in business wisely. Feed halwa to girls. Offer red flowers to Hanumanji.

Lucky color- orange

Taurus- Business investment will benefit. Be careful in relationships. The new business will start. Give a white toy to a girl.

Lucky color- white

Gemini- Will get the blessings of elders. There will be happiness in the family. Respect your father. Offer chunri in Devi temple.

Lucky color-green

Cancer- Don’t make any job changes. Drive your vehicle carefully. Pay attention to your mother’s health. Offer roses to Goddess Parvati.

Lucky color- pink

Leo- Good news will be received by evening. Take care of your jewelry. Don’t be sad. Offer yellow flowers to Goddess Durga.

Lucky color- yellow

Virgo- Will be able to prevent sudden injury. Respect your spouse. Don’t travel. Distribute sweets to little girls.

Lucky color- maroon

Libra- May buy a new house. Focus on your children. Do not hide anything from your friends. Offer lotus in Devi temple.

Lucky color- pink

Scorpio- Foreign journey will be postponed. Will get success in the job. The work area will change. Gift your mom with something.

Lucky color- red

Sagittarius- Mind’s dilemma will end. Students must focus on their studies. The feet problem will be solved. Offer rose to Goddess Lakshmi.

Lucky color- golden

Capricorn- Bring positivity in thoughts. Respect your friends. Don’t invest. Offer fruits in Devi temple.

Lucky color- blue

Aquarius- Stalled money will be received. Spouse’s health may get worse. The real estate problem will end. Offer Mehendi at Devi Mandir.

Lucky color- pink

Pisces- Touch the feet of elders. There will be sweetness in relations. Will get along with friends. Offer pumpkin in Devi Temple.

Lucky color- yellow

Published Date: February 12, 2023 5:30 AM IST

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