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Aries Should Invest in Business, Libra May Buy a New House



Follow these quick tips by Jyotish Guru Shiromani Sachin as per your zodiac signs to know how your day is going to treat you today.

Horoscope Today
Horoscope Today, March 1, 2023: Aries Should Invest in Business, Libra May Buy a New House

Horoscope Today, March 01, 2023: Jyotish Guru Shiromani Sachin has come up with quick tips to follow and see how your day goes as per your zodiac sign.

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Aries- Mind’s despair will end. Do not invest in the business. New work will be less profitable.

Lucky color- golden

Taurus- Invest wisely in business. Will meet a friend Do not quarrel with anyone.

Lucky color- orange

Gemini- Will get mother’s blessings. There will be happiness in the family. There will be profit in business.

Lucky color- blue

Cancer- Job change will be beneficial. The dream of buying a vehicle will come true. The borrowed money will be returned.

Lucky color- white

Leo- Good news will be received by noon. Don’t lend money to anyone. Will be successful.

Lucky color- maroon

Virgo- Do your work on your own. Will be able to prevent sudden injury. Respect your spouse.

Lucky color- pink

Libra- Will be buying a new house soon. The worries regarding progeny will end. There will be happiness in the family.

Lucky color- red

Scorpio- Will go on a foreign journey. Will be successful in business. Control your temper.

Lucky color- pink

Sagittarius- There will be a burden on the mind. Will be successful in getting knowledge. Money expenditure will increase more than before.

Lucky color- white

Capricorn- Avoid disputes in the house. Take family advice.
Relationships may get sour.

Lucky color- blue

Aquarius- Do not lend money to anyone. Business problems will be less. Spouse’s health will be bad

Lucky color- sky blue

Pisces- Touch the feet of elders. Drive carefully. There will be sweetness in relations.

Lucky color- yellow

Published Date: March 1, 2023 5:30 AM IST

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