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Diet For Working Mothers 8 Ways to Plan a Healthy Meal Amid Daily Work Hustle



Juggling work and health is not easy but is extremely important as more work requires more investment from our bodies and bodies must be nourished enough for optimal results.

Diet For Working Mothers: 8 Ways to Plan a Healthy Meal Amid Daily Work Hustle
Diet For Working Mothers: 8 Ways to Plan a Healthy Meal Amid Daily Work Hustle (Freepik)

There always seems to be a parity between working mothers and other people. It takes lot more extra effort for working moms to maintain that work-life balance. And amid all the hustle and caregiving, they tend to place their health, both physical and mental, take a back seat. Ladies, it is time to bring your health to the front foot and care enough for your health equally. Th amount of investment the body makes for the hustle, it needs to be replenished. How to achieve it? Planning! Planning a day, planning a meal can help set a discipline and aid in achieving a healthy meal.

“Mothers are the busiest species on the earth. There is never a time when they sit alone just for themselves,” said Dr. Meghana Pasi, Nutrition Consultant, MyThali Arogya World speaking exclusively with  She further added that being a mother, I so much agree to this quote – “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always thinks twice, once for herself and once for her child.” She is a – Teacher, Cook, Doctor, Lawyer, Driver, Counsellor, Scientist and more…For her it is always Family First!


There has been a tremendous shift in the last few decades with more women working to financially contribute to their families both in rural and urban India. However, there is minimal sharing of the household load by the men and the rest of the family members.

The demanding nature of the jobs, taking care of the family, skipping meals, eating last and neglecting their own health finally takes a toll. Further, the increased consumption of processed foods, unhealthy lifestyle coupled with stress have led to increase in overweight, diabetes, hypertension and cancers. Mothers are also prone to have lower bone mass due to pregnancy, childbirth and later menopause resulting in depletion of the bones. After a woman hits her 30s, bone loss sets in gradually and there is a 3-5% loss of muscle mass per decade.

Hence, it becomes extremely important to take care of oneself  too! Can mothers, do it? Yes, why not! Dr. Pasi shared few ways to manage this.  She believes to keep it simple. Try making small, workable changes to your everyday routine that you can adapt to and let it start from the kitchen.

1. First of all, know your nutritional requirements.

For each age group, gender and physical activity, the ICMR-NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) have recommended the average nutrient requirements for macro and micronutrients. A woman requires:

· 1700 calories / day

· 0.8gm/kg body weight of proteins i.e around 45gms / day

· 25gms of fats

· 800mg of calcium and 15mg of iron

2. Do not skip your breakfast

Drinking to-go coffee isn’t enough to jumpstart your day. Kick-start a busy day with a satisfying breakfast that will power you through until lunch. Your breakfast should be rich in

proteins, complex carbs, fibre and vitamins. Go for easy to cook breakfast like boiled eggs, milk with dates, sandwich, leftover dal / veg parathas with curd. Plan your breakfast the previous night to avoid rush and stress.

3. Stock your kitchen shelves with healthy snacks

Ready-to-eat munchies like roasted channa, peanuts, fruits, tender coconut, nuts, chikki, makhana, and curds are nutritious as well as they do not require cooking and save time. Your mid-morning and evening snack should be from these healthy options.

4. Balance your Lunch Thali

Go for simple lunch meals but see to it that they are balanced. Try to include cereals/millets, one protein source like egg/fish/beans/dals, veggies and curd to fulfil all your nutritional requirements.

5. Eat more Happy Foods

Whenever you feel overworked and stressed have bananas, berries, beans, seeds, dark chocolate, coconut. These contain phenolic compounds, antioxidants and amino acids which help in lowering depression and regulating mood. These foods are also heart friendly foods and help in lowering bad cholesterol.

6. Go for one-pot meals

Prepare easy to cook meals like pullao with curd, bisibele bhat with curd, paneer / chicken wrap with salad and buttermilk, khichadi and soup, hummus with pita bread and salad, burrito bowl. These are all well balanced and healthy meals.

7. Do not skip your turmeric latte at Bedtime

Our ancient haldiwala dudh will not just help you meet your calcium requirements, get good sleep but also boosts your immunity.

8. Soak some nuts before you hit the bed so that you can get the first shot of healthy fats and proteins the moment you wake up next day.

This Mother’s Day, let us move towards a healthier living for all the supermoms out there!

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