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Health Benefits of Red Chilli Powder:7 Amazing Benefits of Lal Mirch



Red Chilli Powder Health Benefits: Lal Mirch helps in proper digestion, maintaining weight, building immunity and a lot more. Read in detail.

Red Chilli Powder
Red Chilli Powder: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of ‘Lal Mirch’

Health Benefits of Red Chilli Powder: Spices are good for health. They have been valued for centuries both for healing and their flavour. For a majority of us Indians, a dish lacking in spice or without chillies is unfathomable. One would be left gasping at the dish in complete horror! Talking about one major spice – RED CHILLI -it’s the most served spice across the country. Whether you’re an Indian or a tourist, your palate is inevitably subjected to a glorious or a horrifying encounter with the good old chilli. Also known as LAL MIRCH, red chilli is common in every Indian household. They are first dried and then crushed into a powder.

Red Chilli peppers are extremely fiery, sour and add spice to any meal. Talking about its health benefits, these chillies help in proper digestion, maintaining weight, building immunity, relaxing blood vessels and a lot more. Below are the mentioned amazing health benefits of red chilli powder.

Red Chilli: Here are 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Lal Mirch Powder

  1. Red Chilli maintains blood pressure: Due to its high potassium content, which aids in relaxing blood vessels and controlling blood pressure, it helps to maintain blood pressure.
  2. Red Chilli Helps in Weight Loss: Red chilis include a substance called capsaicin that speeds up the body’s metabolism, which directly burns calories.
  3. Red Chilli gives immunity: Red chillies are an abundant source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system and prevents chronic illnesses.
  4. Red Chilli unblocks arteries: They also contain potent antioxidants that aid in unblocking arteries and blood vessels.
  5. Red Chilli keeps hair-skin healthy: The important components of Red Chilli are Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It helps to keep your hair and skin in good condition.
  6. Red Chilli has anti-inflammatory activity: If you have muscle or joint soreness, then consume red chilli. It can reduce pain as well as inflammation.
  7. Red Chilli helps in digestion: Red chilli or lal mirch has the capability to accelerate the digestive process. It relieves you from constipation.

Published Date: February 19, 2023 1:18 PM IST

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