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Hina Khan Flaunts Her Toned Abs in Aerial Yoga Session, Fans Ask



Hina Khan sets workout mood through intense session of aerial yoga. In case you missed out on her post, check it out here!

Hina Khan Flaunts Her Toned Abs in Aerial Yoga Session, Fans Ask 'Kaise Kar Lete Ho?'- WATCH
Hina Khan Flaunts Her Toned Abs in Aerial Yoga Session, Fans Ask ‘Kaise Kar Lete Ho?’- WATCH

Hina Khan is a fitness enthusiast. Time and again, the diva has impressed us not just with her acting abilities but also with her fitness level. Hina is a fitness buff who loves to challenge herself on regular basis to stay in shape. Recently, the Yeh Rishta Kya Khelta Hai actor shared her aerial yoga session with fans on Instagram. Hina is taking lessons in aerial yoga and as expected, impressed us with her efforts!

Wearing a black bralette with white print and black tights, Hina Khan hauled herself up with the help of cloth and showcased her flexibility. She kept her Instagram caption short and simple ”How I love aerial yoga..”, As soon as fans noticed her post, they bombarded the comment section. One user wrote, ‘Amazing Hina’, ‘You nailed it’, ‘Fitness Queen’. Many fans also dropped fire and heart emojis in the comment section.

Hina Khan Performs Aerial Yoga in New Instagram Video:

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

According to Healthline, Aerial yoga combines traditional asana (the physical postures of yoga) and yoga philosophies with the aerial arts. Silk fabrics and/or ropes are hung from above to aid practitioners in forming shapes. Hanging fully or suspending individual body parts is believed to create traction and open your body more gently and intuitively than when you’re on the floor. The silks and ropes can also be helpful for balance.

Aerial yoga offers several physical and psychological benefits:

  1. Improves flexibility, stability, and balance
  2. Reduces risk factors for heart disease.
  3. Improves mental health
  4. Burns up Calories
  5. Heals back problems
  6. Enhances mood
  7. Improves memory
  8. Aids Digestion
  9. Increases brain strength
  10. Eases anxiety
  11. Relieves stress

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