Hiring intentions to remain marginally lower sequentially in Apr-Jun quarter this year: ManpowerGroup Survey


 Hiring intentions will remain marginally lower during the second quarter (April-June) this year as employers continue to have difficulty in finding people with the right skills, according to a survey. Employers in India continue to anticipate hiring workers in the second quarter, reporting a seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of 30 per cent, which is marginally lower from the January-March quarter, according to ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey.

Hiring intentions remain marginally lower by 2 per cent quarter-on-quarter, while employers continue to have difficulty finding the right talent, it added. The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey is based on an analysis of nearly 3,020 employers. The survey further revealed that the talent supply with the requisite skills depicted in the sliding shift of employers, experiencing a talent shortage by 3 per cent.

“While the skill gap continues to be concerning, in spite of the global economic pressures, India’s innate ability to sustain such pressures has been proven time and again. “The government’s aggressive investment in infrastructure and efforts towards ease of doing business by improving the connectivity between states is positively impacting the employment outlook,” ManpowerGroup’s India and Middle East Managing Director Sandeep Gulati said.

Investment in upskilling, reskilling and a focus on preparing people for tomorrow’s jobs should be the top priority of the management, he added.

The survey stated that employers in the Information Technology sector (81 per cent), consumer goods and services (81 per cent), health care and life sciences (80 per cent), financials and real estate (80 per cent) and energy and utilities (80 per cent) report the greatest difficulty finding the talent they need.

Employers in medium-sized organisations (83 per cent) face the biggest challenge as compared to the large (80 per cent), micro (80 per cent) and small (78 per cent), it noted. 


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