How to Choose Best Neckline According to Your Body Type, 5 Types And Tricks to Follow


Types of necklines and which one to carry as per your body type? Here’s your complete guide to selecting the right neck design to flatter your shape.

necklines for your body type

Anything and everything can look beautiful on you as long as you have the confidence to own it. Having said that, there are still certain silhouettes and designs which flatter a particular body type. If you want to go the extra mile to look stylish each day, then make sure to consider all the aspects of clothing, starting from the colour, fabric, and of course, the neck designs.

Just like a certain colour can add that spark to your face, similarly, the right design for your top wear can also make you stand out. Starting from necklines for broad shoulders, and heavy busts to someone with a leaner physique, we are covering it all! Here’s a listing of the best necklines for different body types

    • Halter Neck: This type of design runs from the front of the garment and is attached to the back of the neck, generally leaving the upper back uncovered. This design works well for hourglass, inverted triangle, and rectangle body types. The silhouette draws all the attention away from the shoulders thereby, emphasizing the face and eye.

    • Square Neck: This neckline forms a square-like shape around the neck, thereby highlighting collarbones. This design works best for hourglass, pear shape, and leaner rectangles. Drawing all the attention toward collarbones and shoulders helps in balancing out the proportions for curvy shapes like hourglass and pear-shaped. For body types like a leaner rectangle or an inverted triangle with less volume on the upper half, it adds more dimension and balances out the entire proportion.

    • Round Neck: A collarless neckline that forms a circular shape around the neck. This neckline works best with a pear shape, inverted triangle, and rectangle body type. It gives an illusion of adding more volume to the upper half since it sits right on your shoulders. Thereby, making it the most suitable fit for body types that lacks dimension on the chest and shoulders.

    • Scoop Neck: Similar to the round neckline, this design sits in a circle around the neck but is usually a little deeper till the bust region. This neckline is universally flattering and works with all body types. People with an inverted triangle body shape should opt for a narrow scoop to de-emphasize the broadness of the shoulder, whereas, people with a leaner rectangle body can opt for a wide scoop to add more volume in the upper half.

    • Turtle Neck: This is a close-fitting collar that folds over and covers the neck.
      This neckline is suitable for rectangle and pear shape body types. The extra cloth to the neckline gives an illusion of volume and dimension, thereby adding a curve to the rather straight frame of the rectangular body type. Since the pear shape has more volume in the lower half than the upper half; the turtle neck can help in balancing out the entire proportion.

    • V Neck:  This silhouette comes down to a point of the throat or chest forming a V shape. From making your neck look lean, to balancing out a fuller bust and taking away all the focus from the mid-section, this design flatters all body types.

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