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How to Choose The Right Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone? Here Are 4 Easy Steps



Want to do something new with your hair but dreading if it would look good? Here’s a listing of easy tips to choose the best hair colour for your skin tone.

How to Choose The Right Hair Colour For Your Skin Tone? Here Are 4 Easy Steps

Just like the vibrant colour of an outfit can spark up your face, the right hair colour can also instantly lift up your complexion. But, the whole process of getting multiple shades of colour dyed on your hair to finally figure out which one works for you can be quite tedious and taxing for your hair’s health. Worry not, we have got you all covered!

Finding the right foundation for your skin tone has a basic thumb rule. And so does finding the right hair colour. Here’s listing some tips to choose the right hair colour for your skin tone.

  1. Evaluate your skin tone: To understand which colour works well for you, first, you need to figure out your skin tone. Go two shades lighter than that. Anything beyond two shades lighter can make your skin look ashy and wear down your complexion.
  2. Check Your Veins: To understand which shade would work the best for your skin, check your wrist and decide accordingly. If you have blue or purple veins, you are cool-toned and if you have green veins, you have a warm tone. If you have both, you fall under the neutral category. For someone with a cool tone, ashy blonde, sandy brown, chestnut, and deep purple would be some tones that could look great. While for someone with a warm tone, colours in the shades of golden, honey, deep brown, red etc. would be the best bet.
  3. Consider your eye colour: The perfect tone for your hair colour can also be determined by your eye colour. If you have light brown eyes, shades like auburn or golden brown would look great. If you have cooler tones, go for ashy colours and for warmer colours, choose tones with yellow hues.
  4. Do a jewellery test: To understand which tone looks best on your skin, try jewellery pieces of different tones. If golden jewellery looks good on you, you might have a warm undertone. If silver jewellery looks good on you, you might have a cool undertone. Once you know you fall under which category, it would be easier for you to pick shades accordingly.

Hope this helped! Follow this space for more beauty-related content.

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