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ITC Royal Bengal hosts ‘Taste of Himachal’ at Grand Market Pavilion



By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

ITC Royal Bengal hosts ‘Taste of Himachal’ at Grand Market Pavilion, showcasing lesser known recipes from Himachal, crafted by home chef, Nitika Kuthiala, from Kangra, Himachal.

The unique and unexplored cuisine of the region of Himachal is in offer this time, under the aegis of ITC Hotels’ “Kitchens of India” series, which presents India’s wealth of unique, forgotten, undiscovered and regal cuisine in keeping with the ethos of ‘Responsible Luxury’.

Gaurav Soneja, General Manager, ITC Royal Bengal, mentioned that the ‘Taste of Himachal’ is a feast of traditional delicacies that showcase unique flavours combining the freshness, zest and earthiness of the region, ranging from the highlands to the valleys through its local ingredients. The recipes are authentic, drawn from the homes of different communities.

The ‘Taste of Himachal’ is showcasing local ingredients such as the yellow chillies of Manali, Sepu Badi from Mandi, and Aamchur from the orchards of Pragpur, which are used in the preparations, bringing together the best of Himachal, such as Shonali Matar (a local pasta made up of whole wheat, cooked with local seasonal vegetables and sometimes with meat chunks), Aloo Chana Tikki (a snack with Chickpea as base, crispy fried stuffed potato galettes with sweet and sour home-made chutney), Gol meat (boneless mutton cooked with Faran, a local wild herb), Matar Paneer Madra (a curd-based gravy cooked without ginger, onion and garlic), Teliyeh Maah (whole black lentils cooked in mustard oil), Khodiya meat (Himachali style goat meat gravy cooked with Himalayan spices), chaa chicken (lightlly spiced chicken cooked in buttermilk) and Siddu (steamed whole wheat buns stuffed with Poppy seeds), Dry Fruit Meetha (Dry fruits lightly tossed in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup) and a Poppy Seed Halwa. Chef Nitika captures the diverse flavours of the region’s culinary traditions in one delicious meal.

The ‘Taste of Himachal’ is awaiting to fulfill one’s culinary desires, available as a part of a dinner buffet from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm at Grand Market Pavilion, ITC Royal Bengal, from 24th February to 6th March, with a pocket pinch of Rs. 1599 plus taxes, per person, from Monday to Thursday, and Rs. 1799 plus taxes, per person, from Friday to Sunday.

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