Lupita Nyongo Makes Desi Hearts Aflutter in a Saree But Her Henna Tattoo on Head Makes Bigger Noise


Oscar-winning actor Luptia Nyong’o honours the Indian culture in a colourful saree and a henna tattoo on her head as she attends friend’s Mira Nair’s musical ‘Monsoon Wedding’ in New York.

Lupita Nyong'o in a saree at Mira Nair's event (Photo: Instagram/ Luptia Nyong'o)
Lupita Nyong’o in a saree at Mira Nair’s event (Photo: Instagram/ Luptia Nyong’o)

Lupita Nyong’o in a saree: International actor Lupita Nyong’o went desi with her latest appearance in New York. The popular star attended the opening ceremony of director Mira Nair’s musical, Monsoon Wedding, and chose to honour the Indian culture in a saree.

Lupita borrowed the colourful saree from a designer in Pakistan and teamed it with a pair of golden statement Indian earrings. However, the highlight of her look remained the henna on her head. The Oscar-winning actor covered her entire bald head with a henna tattoo, done by another designer friend of hers, using a natural die found in South America. The Kenyan-Mexican actor took to Instagram to decode her entire look for the event. She aced every bit of it.

Lupita looked happy and proud wearing a saree. The actor, who has donned the creations of the world’s most renowned designers at the world’s most prestigious events over the years, decked herself up in a fluid colourful saree. She styled it up with a pink strappy blouse and kept her makeup loud with glossy pink lips and kohl-ed eyes.


Lupita made the internet sit up and notice her attempt at honouring a friend’s culture at the Monsoon Wedding musical. In the caption of her post on Instagram, she mentioned how she has been wanting to go creative with a henna tattoo for a long time after she saw an artist paint a bride’s hands with mehendi at her wedding in Pakistan. “And then, in the middle of the night, an image SHOT into my mind of a henna design covering my bald head!!! I could do something special and different, to celebrate the culture using the canvas readily available to me! I was so excited by the idea that I could not go back to sleep. Misha connected me to Sabeen, and we were ON OUR WAY… (sic),” she wrote while explaining her decision to get the striking henna tattoo on her head.

Lupita got many appreciatory comments on her post for trying something so different and acing every bit of it. Actor Christine Wawira got inspired by the look and wrote, “Oooo I’ve gotta try the henna on my head one day too!! Love this!! (sic).” Mira, too, commented on the posted and called her an Indian daughter. Her comment read, “Thank you my darling indian daughter Lupita❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥Love means having to wear your sari! (sic).”

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