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Make Your Perfume Last Longer With These 5 Simple Tips



If you also wish to smell good all day long, follow these easy hacks and tips

how to make perfume last longer

Isn’t it very disheartening when your expensive perfumes that cost an arm and a leg fade away in just a few minutes? Of course, we all want to smell good all day long but a few mistakes can wear it off by midday. Most people don’t realise but the right application of perfume can actually help your fragrance last longer.

Here’s listing some tips and tricks to get the most out of your perfume

  • Moisturize your skin before perfume application: Perfumes and fragrances last the longest on oily skin. Apply a generous amount of non-scented moisturizer or petroleum jelly before applying perfume as it can help it lock in and make you smell good all day long.
  • Apply it right after your shower: Right after a shower when your skin is a little damp and hydrated, your pores would be open and clean. This is the best time to apply perfume as it would penetrate deep into your skin and last for an elongated period of time.
  • Spritz on your pulse points: Fragrances react to heat and pulse points emanate heat. So applying perfume directly to your pulse points has a higher chance of lasting longer.
  • Don’t rub just pat: It is almost a reflex to apply your perfumes and rub it instantly but this is one paramount mistake in the application. Rubbing your fragrance together can not only diminish the fragrance notes quality but in fact, it can also make the entire profile go haywire. The right way of application is to pat your perfume instead of rubbing it.
  • Layering the same moisturizer: If you apply a moisturizer that has the same scented notes as your perfumes, it can intensify the fragrance and also make it last for a longer duration.

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