Sameera Reddy Celebrates Her Body While Her Sassy Saasu is Her Biggest Cheerleader and How!


Sameera Reddy and her ‘Sassy Saasu’ are just goals! The way they mutually support each other and all the mamas out there is just pure love. Take a look at her recent post ahead of mother’s day.

Sameera Reddy Celebrates Her Body While Her 'Sassy Saasu' is Her Biggest Cheerleader and How!

Sameera Reddy is not all glamour and glitz but exudes the true aura of empowerment and an unabashed sense of self, love and compassion. She has always been a torch bearer of change with conviction and action. Reddy is one of the finest actors in the Indian film fraternity and one of the biggest supporters of body positivity. A mother of three, she unapologetically accepts her skin and is comfortable with it. Also, she encourages all the ladies and all the conscious mamas out there to love their bodies and accept the changes that come with them.

What is body positivity? Body positivity is about the acceptance of bodies of all sizes, shapes, and colour. It is being able to accept yourself and not be chained by the unrealistic and unhealthy beauty constructs in the social domain. This social movement talks about acceptance and inclusivity for all.


She captioned her post, ” Celebrating all the beautiful mamas! We are perfect just the way we are.” In the wholesome reel she also mentioned, ” My body has changed and so has my attitude. I own my size. my style. My vibe. I feel sexy as hell in my skin.”

In this journey, support from loved ones means a lot. While Reddy’s family is all up for her, her mother-in-law is just a cheering crew herself.  Manjri Varde, her mother-in-law, commented on her post, “As you should. As every woman and girl should! Celebrate yourself.”

If this is not goals than what is!?


Don’t believe it? watch for yourself

This mother-daughter duo is just goals and we cannot not adore the wholesome vibe they share. Both of their Instagram are just so fun to scroll through with their quirky and happy reels.

Reddy’s mother-in-law has her own Instagram and goes by the name, Sassy Saasu. Well, we love the name and very rightly so! She is an epitome of when we say, age is just a number. In her own way Varde is also pushing boundaries and is all up and about the trends.

Sameera Reddy herself started the hashtag, ImperfectlyPerfect. She also started the trend o ‘Messy Mamas’ and all this is all about uplifting the partners in the same journey of motherhood.

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