By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

Special Poila Baisakh spread on display at Grand Market Pavilion

To celebrate the flavours of Bengali New Year, Grand Market Pavilion Restaurant at ITC Royal Bengal lays out a special Poila Baisakh spread that captures the essence of Bengal. Authentic delicacies slow simmered from age-old recipes which indulge in the aromatic flavours of this region is to be served in the celebratory lunch on 15th April at INR 2150 per person.

The festive buffet will include dishes like Postor Bora,
Mochar chop, Dimer chop, Chingrir chop, Mangsher chop, Basanti pulao, Sukto, Potoler Dorma, Kochi Pathar Jhol
Bhapa Betki, Pui Saag Chingri
Misti Doi, Rosogolla,
Malpoa, Rasmalai  and Sandesh. This flavourful experience is to be perfectly punctuated with the ‘WeAssure’ protocols of ITC, keeping the well being of the guests in mind.

All the dishes not only stimulate the taste buds, it fulfills the gastronomical hunger to the fullest with the special touch of the chef.

Along with the main course, the desserts are a must try at Grand Market Pavilion which creates the ambience of a gourmet food district. The restaurant, which is inspired from the iconic New Market or Hogg market of Kolkata, once a treasury of produce for the country, is vibrant and showcases the finest in local, Indian and global fare. The Bengali New Year lunch at this restaurant will certainly create happy food memories that will be cherished for long.


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