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Taurus Should Meet a Friend, Gemini Must Donate Green Items



Follow these quick tips by Jyotish Guru Shiromani Sachin as per your zodiac signs to know how your day is going to treat you today.

Horoscope Today
Horoscope Today, February 25, Sunday: Taurus Should Meet a Friend, Gemini Must Donate Green Items

Aries- Do not delay important work. Vehicle accidents will be averted. Believe in your destiny. Worship Hanumanji.

Lucky color- ocher

Taurus- There’s a chance of meeting a dear friend. After noon is the best time. There will be sweetness in the relationship. Donate sandalwood perfume.

Lucky color- green

Gemini- Don’t be negligent in your job. Honor the guest. Family disputes will end. Donate green items.

Lucky color- sky blue

Cancer- Mind will be troubled all day long. Help others. Avoid outside food. Worship lord shiva.

Lucky color- white

Leo- Finish important work by evening. There will be auspicious programs at home. Don’t hurt anyone. Worship Surya Narayan.

Lucky color- red

Virgo- There will be profit in business by evening. Lent money will be received. Donate food to needy people. Worship Lord Ganapati.

Lucky color- brown

Libra- May receive gifts. Take advice from the elders of the house. Try to keep your promise. Worship Lakshmi Narayan.

Lucky color- pink

Scorpio- Will get less success in business. Do not get involved in an argument with your guest. Keep the south side of the house clean. Worship Hanuman ji in the morning and evening.

Lucky color- maroon

Sagittarius- Family disputes will end. Don’t lend money to anyone. Stopped tasks will start getting completed. Offer yellow sandalwood to Lord Vishnu.

Lucky color- orange

Capricorn- Thought work will take time to complete. The sourness of the relationship will end. Touch the feet of an elderly woman. Visit the temple of Maa Durga.

Lucky color- white

Aquarius- Respect your elders. Till evening, time suits you. Money stuck in business will come out. Worship Hanuman ji in the evening.

Lucky color- green

Pisces- Leave your house early. Help a relative in need. Control your words. Worship Lord Vishnu.
Lucky color- red

Published Date: February 26, 2023 5:30 AM IST

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