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Warning Signs And Symptoms of Mouth Cancer That Should Not be Ignored



Signs And Symptoms of Oral Cancer: When caught early, oral cancer is much easier for doctors to treat.

Oral Cancer: Warning Signs And Symptoms of Mouth Cancer That Shouldn’t be Ignored
Oral Cancer: Warning Signs And Symptoms of Mouth Cancer That Shouldn’t be Ignored

Cancer develops when a genetic mutation in the body causes cells to proliferate uncontrollably. As these undesirable cells multiply, they create a tumour. Cells can migrate to different places of the body over time. Squamous cell carcinoma accounts for approximately 90% of all mouth malignancies. They begin in the squamous cells that border the interior of the mouth and the lips. Oral cancer can develop in any part of the mouth, including the insides of the cheeks and gums. It is frequently classified as oral or oropharyngeal cancer. Oropharyngeal cancer affects the rear of the mouth and the throat lining.

Oral Cancer Signs And Symptoms

Dr Tirathram Kaushik consultant Oncosurgeon in Wockhardt Hospitals Mira Road explains some serious warning signs and symptoms of mouth cancer.

  1. Oral lichen planus is characterized by white lines with a reddish border, possibly accompanied by ulceration.
  2. Many oral lesions are potentially malignant. These do not indicate malignancy, but patients should consult their doctor if they notice any changes in their mouth.
  3. Patches inside mouth or tongue lining, generally red or white bleeding, discomfort, or numbness
  4. mouth ulcers or sores that do not heal into a bulge or thickening of the gums or mouth lining
  5. Loose teeth for no obvious cause, poorly fitting dentures, jaw swelling, a painful throat or the sensation that something is lodged in the throat, a hoarse voice, difficulties chewing or swallowing, difficulty moving tongue or jaw.

How to Prevent Oral Cancer?

According to doctors, oral cancer begins when the DNA in the cells inside your mouth is harmed. However, some factors, such as your eating habits, may increase the risk. Here are some things that you should keep in mind:

Don’t smoke or use any tobacco products and consume alcohol in moderation (and refrain from binge drinking). Have a well-balanced diet. Limit your exposure to the sun. Repeated exposure increases the risk of cancer on the lip, especially the lower lip. When in the sun, use blocking sun protective lotions on your skin, as well as your lips.

Published Date: February 25, 2023 11:14 AM IST

Updated Date: February 25, 2023 11:20 AM IST

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