Häfele’s Premium Dishwashers

Häfele’s Premium Dishwashers

We are quite used to our hand-washed dishes but may not be fully aware that dishes when washed by hands may be subject to only limited cleaning results. Moreover, hand-washed dishes when left in the open to dry can again catch all the infection back, making the whole effort of washing them counter-productive. Häfele’s Freestanding Dishwasher Range is a hygienic and quiet alternative to your regular washing. These dishwashers have impressive capacities with 12 /14 place settings, aptly suited for average Indian households. The adjustable upper and lower baskets and the separate cutlery basket guarantee maximum space optimization inside these dishwashers! Besides, they also have the option of functioning at half load, which is an energy saving solution when you have less dishes to wash! The SoftTouch shelves of the dishwashers prevent scraping and scratching of utensils.

The Dishwashers come with built-in programs which provide you with the flexibility of washing your dishes depending on their material as well as how soiled they are. There is a glass care program especially designed for your delicate glassware and an intensive program to take care of the toughest stains on your pots and kadhais. The temperatures and time duration for different programs vary according to the dishes you choose, such as pots, glasses, plates etc., ensuring 99.9% germ-free cleaning of any utensil you put inside. Each washing cycle is followed by an efficient drying cycle which gives you dishes that are ready-to-use. The sound engineering technology of these dishwashers doesn’t cause a disturbance in the background when all you want to do is spend some time with your family or take an afternoon siesta! Time and peace are luxuries you can now afford with Häfele’s Premium Dishwashers; and keep the worries of depending on domestic assistants, far away!

·ProHygiene+ wash: Multiple rinse cycles (up to 3 times) at high temperatures and pressure help remove sticky residues and eliminate 99.9% bacteria and germs from the utensils

·PowerPlus Mode: This mode enables the dishwasher to consume less than 1 unit of energy per cycle thereby saving 12% more energy as compared to a standard dishwasher

·Glass Care Program: This program runs with an anti-fogging technology which helps maintain the transparent and sparkling appearance of glass wares even after several washes

·AquaSmart: The dishwashers use only 11L of water without compromising the washing and rinsing results. Washing utensils by hand consumes more litres of water for the same load.

·100% Stainless Steel Drum: Stainless Steel drum ensures rust free and long lasting performance. It also does not get worn off easily due to high temperatures of the wash cycles like drums made of plastic or which have a plastic base.

·Additional cutlery basket: Optimised space which offers you immense flexibility and convenience, specially designed for spoons, forks and sharp items like knives

·Perfect Drying Result: The HeatPro+ technology gives a 100% dry utensil result after wash without any water residue or moisture deposit! Additionally all programs in Hafele dishwashers run full rinse cycles and not intermediate cycle for a clean and hygienic dish-wash

·Low Noise Levels: The ProSilent Motors are designed to work quietly with the noise levels as low as 49dBA.

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