By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

Hon’ble Ms. Justice Indira Bannerjee along with Dr. S. Gurushankar during the inauguration

Hon’ble Ms. Justice Indira Banerjee along with Dr. S Gurushankar, Chairman Meenakshi Missoon Hospital & Research Centre, inaugurates
India’s First Teladoc Telemedicine Consultation Clinic in Kolkata at Elliot Road set up by Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai.

The clinic is equipped with Teladoc, considered the world’s most advanced telemedicine platform, which is currently being used by 6 of the 10 best hospitals in the world (the 6 hospitals are- 1. Mayo Clinic-Rochester, 2. Cleveland Clinic- USA, 3. Massachusetts General Hospital- USA, 4. Charite- Universitatsmedizin- Germany, 5. The Johns Hopkins Hospital- USA, 6. Sheba Medical Center- Israel).

In India, Meenakshi Mission Hospital in Madurai is the first and the only hospital using this technology. It will allow patients in Kolkata to consult directly with best doctors from 45 different medical specialties of Meenakshi Mission Hospital in Madurai for diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. The hospital, established in 1985, is one of South India’s biggest healthcare institutions with 1,000 beds, and a pioneer in telemedicine in India.

Dr. S. Gurushankar

Dr. S Gurushankar, Chairman, Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Center, Madurai said at the inauguration event that, they have been offering telemedicine services since the last 15 years, benefitting over one lakh patients so far. The advanced teleconsultation clinic was much needed in Kolkata. Each year, many patients from West Bengal reaches their hospital for treatment. This facility brings them closer to people in the state looking for high-quality medical care at affordable cost. Teladoc, a global leader in whole-person virtual care, is considered the world’s most advanced telemedicine platform. Meenakshi Mission Hospital are the only hospital in India to set up a telemedicine centre based entirely on Teladoc. He further said that, they are now setting up exclusive telemedicine centers in select locations across the country, from where patients can connect with experts from various specialties at their hospital where patients can avoid unnecessary travel. Besides, the cost of availing services of a tertiary hospital in a tier-II city like Madurai is much less than comparable facility in a big metro. He thinks that, thousands of patients from West Bengal will benefit from their Teladoc-equipped teleconsultation center in Kolkata. The telemedicine department is based entirely on the Teladoc telehealth platform, empowering them to extend the specialty services to patients across India with superior outcomes. Specialists can also cross-consult regarding a patient and even connect with doctors in other countries through this technology. That’s not all , after consulting with the doctor via Teladoc and on the basis of the diagnosis, patients can visit Meenakshi Mission Hospital in Madurai to receive specialized treatment and surgeries at an affordable cost.

The Teladoc telemedicine department at Meenakshi Mission Hospital is now taking the technology from episodic, acute care to ongoing monitoring of chronic conditions, wellness, and prevention. The hospital was the first healthcare institution in India to deploy self-driving Teladoc health robots two years ago to enable doctors to provide virtual care to patients when the Covid-19 pandemic was raging.


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