Hulladek Recycling launches ‘Rewards to Recycle your E-waste’ campaign

Hulladek Recycling launches ‘Rewards to Recycle your E-waste’ campaign

To make people conscious about recycling and re-use of e-waste products, Kolkata based e-waste management company Hulladek Recycling has launched a unique campaign ‘Rewards to Recycle your E-waste’. The campaign aims to incentivise and reward people to recycle their defunct and useless electronic and electrical waste.

The brand has tied up with numerous brands across Kolkata and Jamshedpur, to provide gifts in exchange of their e-waste across the country. When people schedule a pickup of e-waste products with them, or go directly to drop off their e-waste, in return, they can avail offers on various products or get rewarded with gifts for the e-waste materials.

Some of partnered brands are PeeSafe – a pioneer in women’s hygiene products. Organo Mania–a Kolkata based brand that brings high-quality organic super foods. Babeehive–a kidswear brand. J4K Just for Kids­–a Kidswear brand. 145 East –makers of organic dresses, stationery, accessories, home decor and more all from gamcha. KiiKii –apparel brand for women. FlashhApp­–a Kolkata based on-demand delivery and pickup service and others.

Talking about e-waste disposal, Nandan Mall, Chief Executive Officer, Hulladek Recycling said, “Traditionally we give away our electrical and electronic waste to the unorganized sector as a means of disposal. Usually this is compensated in a very insignificant monetary gain on the part of the disposer. However, the impact of this practice has been far reaching and insidious with quite disastrous results.”

Highlighting the harmful effects of e-waste products, Nandan Mall said, “The contamination of hazardous materials into our soil and water supply has exponentially increased the damage to our health and well-being. Burning of materials in acid baths is a very common practice as a means of getting rid of glass, plastic and metal components that not only result in air pollution but also leads to wastage of recyclable materials and increase in our carbon footprint.”

About Hulladek Recycling: Hulladek Recycling is an e-waste management company that has been providing solutions for proper electronic waste disposal since 2014. It assists in setting up state-of-the-art, state-compliant waste collection and channelization centres. It aims to establish error-free, stakeholder-friendly networks, to ensure sustainable collection and channelization of e-waste for disposal.  The organization is headquartered in Kolkata and has offices in Jamshedpur, Dimapur, Kohima, Agartala, Bhubaneshwar, Shillong and Guwahati.