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#Kolkata: 200 men and women are walking like ghosts. They have no clothes on their bodies. Just a white coating from head to toe. Such a scene was seen in the Dead Sea in the southern Israeli city of Arad. Spencer Tunic (200 Persons Go Nude By The Dead Sea), a famous New York photographer, said that the photo shoot was organized to convey the message of environmental awareness.

Spencer Tunic, 54, has a reputation for taking weird pictures. She often hosts big nude shoots. However, this time Tunic wants to give the message of environmental awareness. He claimed that the photoshoot was part of a movement to raise awareness about the rapid decline of the Dead Sea, raise awareness and establish a Dead Sea Museum.

According to a report published on the BBC, the tunic painted the bodies of 200 men and women as salt-white to give a marine touch to the live installation. In the words of the photographer, ‘Strengths and weaknesses, dual forms of the same body. Which can be easily exposed through nude entities. ‘

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However, this time the controversy did not leave Tunic behind. Some Jews objected to this nude photoshoot. But he barely paid attention. Earlier, an Israeli lawyer took the initiative to bring a ‘Spencer Tunic’ bill to demand a ban on the photographer. Tunic’s humorous response in this context is, ‘I’m lucky the bill is being brought in my name to stop me. It’s an honor. But I think I should bring a bill to take part in my photoshoot at least once in my life. ‘

According to the photographer’s website, Tunic has been taking nude photos and videos since 1992-94. He has this nude human installation project all over the world including Montreal, London, Cleveland, Amsterdam. The people who took part in his shoot also openly said that this experience is absolutely unique. According to Tunic, “nothing else compares to the scenario that countless naked people create.”

According to The World Economic Forum, the Dead Sea has been drying up by 30 percent for the past two decades. If you are not aware of the environment, this rate will be maintained, it is predicted that it may even increase. Thus, there is a dispute over the distribution of water and other natural resources between Israel and Palestine. Experts say water supplies between Jordan, Israel and Palestine could be disrupted if the situation continues.

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