45 minutes after falling into the lap of death is the real magic

#NewYork: Who keeps Hari Murray? That is, no one has the right to give a hand in the life of the one whom God keeps alive Miracle Hall 7 in the United States A man died and came back to life This is what happened to Kathy Patten in Maryland, USA – she is less called nice or magic. Cathy survived 45 minutes after Woman revived after 45 minutes Three of them are completely healthy

This incident has caused quite a stir on social media He survived after being cut off 45 minutes after the woman’s death According to the online news service Mirror, the lady’s daughter was 7 He reached the hospital with his daughter as soon as she was in labor There he suddenly had a heart attack

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The daughter has a labor pain and the mother has a heart attack

Kathy Patten was playing golf at that time At that time he got a call that his daughter’s labor pain has started He left directly from there Then go to the hospital with your daughter There he admitted the girl for delivery and had his own heart attack (daughter having labor mother having heart attack). He died in it Doctors see Kathy’s pulse It was closed Oxygen To The Brain was not reaching his brain The doctors desperately tried to save him He was given CPR

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The woman resurrected before her grandson was born

Doctors continued to give him CPR for about an hour In the meantime, after 45 minutes, the lady started breathing again His pulse rate returns to 7 The doctors examined her once again and told her that the magic had come true. The woman came back alive after she died After she survived for the second time, she gave birth to a daughter Kathy thanked God after this incident She says she got this second life because she is Dida

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