9/11 Anniversary | US Attack 20 Years Anniversary: ​​see how the attack happened in America

#NewYork: Twenty years have passed since the horrific terrorist attacks in America. (20th Anniversary) Even today, the memory of the 9/11 Anniversary US Terror Attack is a source of terror around the world, including the United States. On September 11, 2001, a terrorist attack cut the scars of extreme terrorism on the American chest. Terrorism knocked down the Twin Towers in New York, a symbol of American pride. 2,653 people, including children, the elderly and women, lost their lives

How did al-Qaeda militants fly over the Pentagon in a well-planned way that day, overcoming America’s security fence, with dust in the eyes of the intelligence department? Let’s take a look at the horrible timeline of that history (according to local time).

Two hijackers board a Boston-bound flight in Portland after security breaches. Within about two hours, the 54 hijackers plotted to hijack 11 American Airlines planes. Their videotape came out publicly Meanwhile, militants stormed a checkpoint on the west side of Washington Dulles International Airport, ignoring security personnel.

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8.59am: American Airlines Flight 11 to Los Angeles takes off from Boston. There were 11 crew members, 8 passengers and 5 hijackers on that plane

8.15am: On the other hand, United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles took off shortly after. There were 9 crew and 51 passengers and 5 hijackers

8.19am: The crew of Flight 11 contacted airport staff and said their plane had been hijacked

8.20 am American Airlines Flight to Los Angeles departs from Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia. The plane had six crew members, 53 passengers and six hijackers

8.24 am : Hijacker Mohammad Atta tries to contact the cabin of the plane from Flight 11 The Boston Air Traffic Control alerted the U.S. Air Force’s northeastern air defense sector after receiving a hijacker transmission from Flight 11 at 8:38 a.m.

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6.42 pm: United Airlines Flight 93 takes off from Newark International Airport in San Francisco. The plane had 6 crew members, 33 passengers and 4 hijackers

6.48am: American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the chest of World Trade Center One. The plane hit between the 93rd floor and the 99th floor of the North Tower Hundreds of people were trapped on the 91st floor And everyone on the plane died on the spot

The whole of America was devastated by the unexpected surprise attack Rescue work started during the war Police, firefighters and doctors were sent to the North Tower

8.50 am: The news reached the then US President George W. Bush He visited a school in Sarasota He was warned

8.55am: The Port Authority Fire Safety Department declared the South Tower safe and told everyone to leave their office.

8.59am: The Post Authority Police Department issued an order to vacate both the towers This creates suspicion 6 People question whether the buildings are safe at all Many office workers are asked to return to the office

9 o’clock in the morning : Flight 175 crew warns United Airlines operator in San Francisco that their plane has been hijacked. Many passengers also communicate with their families

9.03am: Meanwhile, Flight 175 hit the World Trade Center 2 The plane crashed into a building between the 6th and 75th floors of the South Tower. Everyone on the plane died on the spot Many people lost their lives in the South Tower Emergency stairs, elevators are all dusty Hundreds of people were trapped inside

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9.05 am Bush was informed of the second attack He declared it as a national tragedy

9.37am: This time the flight hit the Pentagon, killing all on board In addition, about 125 civilians and army personnel also died

9.42am: The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered all aircraft to land on U.S. airspace.

9.45am: The whole world is shaking with terror Both chambers of the White House and the US House of Representatives were evacuated by storm

9.59am: The South Tower collapsed after blazing for 56 minutes. The American tradition is shattered in just 10 seconds More than 600 people lost their lives in and around the multi-storey building

10.03am: Flight 93 crashed into a field near Pennsylvania, just 20 minutes from Washington DC. All the passengers and crew members of that plane also died

10.15am: The damaged western part of the Pentagon collapsed Morning

10.26 min: The North Tower collapsed after burning for 102 minutes More than 1800 people died

5:00 pm: The World Trade Center 71 collapsed. There were no casualties Because the 48-storey building was completely evacuated earlier and everyone was rescued and taken to a safe place.

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