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A little more danger could have happened! The cleaner saved the child from certain death, watch the viral video – News18 Bangla


Rolandia, Brazil: A little more danger could have happened! The child came almost under the wheels of the car But that didn’t happen in the end, courtesy of a cleaner Realizing the danger, he pulled the child in his lap in a moment This video has gone viral since it was posted on social media!

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A person named Rex Chapman shared this video on Twitter It can be seen that the child ran out of his house and crossed the road He could not see the car coming from the other side as the sanitation car was parked to his right. The child ran away thinking that the road was empty Realizing the danger, the cleaner picked him up in a moment The incident was reported in Rolandia, Brazil

The child’s grandfather left the front door of the house open by mistake And at that opportunity the child went out on the street If only a little more danger could have happened But it didn’t happen, only for that garbage cleaner After watching the video, netizens informed the cleaner

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Like, that post is full of comments One wrote, “He saved the child’s life and saved the driver from ever regretting. If something went wrong, it would not be the driver’s fault But in his mind a sadness will remain for the rest of his life This cleaner is really a hero From this it is understood that heroes are everywhere ”

Managing naughty children is always a difficult task This video is a lesson for all parents It is very important to always take care of the children It will not be possible to hide their eyes at all Because if not, danger can happen at any moment!

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