A woman slipped out of the Amazon delivery car! The driver went to work after the video went viral – News18 Bangla

Florida: The e-commerce company Amazon Delivery Van is found almost everywhere in the United States. This car is used to carry things However, a video has recently gone viral on social media, which has raised many questions As seen in the video, a woman slowly got out of an Amazon delivery car (Amazon deliveryman fired in Florida after video of woman emerging from his van goes viral)!

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Video of only 11 seconds Which was originally posted on the ticket 7 But then it went viral everywhere The video has been viewed more than 11.3 million times Amazon authorities are also 6 to see the matter According to the company, the driver has been fired

The video shows a woman getting out of an Amazon van in Florida, stopping in the middle of the road. He was wearing black clothes The van driver is also seen helping the woman to get down quietly Now the question is what was the woman doing in that car? Is it at all right to take another man or woman in a freight van like this?

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According to Amazon, the company does not allow any “unauthorized” person to enter the delivery vehicle. The driver of the van did not do this So he was removed from duty

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