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#NewYork: A porn video company is going to take a groundbreaking step. The company thinks that this time they will send one of their porn actresses into space to take the porn industry by storm. Not only that, the actress will shoot adult videos (Porn Video shoot in space) herself in space. That’s why porn company Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has already started thinking about using a space program.

Every porn industry (Porn Video shoot in space) always wants to create content for its viewers that will increase their viewers. But no one has ever thought of taking such a fancy approach to increase viewers. Nafti is a social platform and entertainment center for adult content creators. This company has decided to take a unique step to further enhance the experience of porn video viewers. The company has started the process of sending actress Lexi Luna into space on a rocket. Porn videos (Porn Video shoot in space) will be shot in space.

Nafti is not just thinking. For this, NAFTY has also decided that Elon Musk’s company will resort to SpaceX’s private passenger program. To implement this decision, the company has already started trying to get a ticket to Lexi. So that Lexi (Lexi Luna) can go into space through the next space program of Space X. The company has said that they want to fulfill Lexi’s dream of going into space at the same time and shoot adult videos from Lexi there.

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Incidentally, a few days ago it was known that Russia is going to make history by shooting a photo in space. But this is the first thought that porn movies (Adult Movies) will be made in space. So far, only trained astronauts and scientists have had the opportunity to go into space. But at the initiative of billionaire Elon Musk, ordinary people have just returned from space. This time Lexi will go into space in the spacecraft of that company ‘SpaceX’. The process of cutting tickets has started.

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According to a report in the British media ‘Daily Star’, Lexi’s long dream is to touch the stars. He also said that he has no objection to go to space and shoot porn to fulfill that dream. Kaminofi, CEO of NAFTA, told the Daily Star: “Ordinary people can now go into space. We also want to take that opportunity to make history in space. And in this case, Lexi is the perfect choice, because she always had a dream to go to space. ” Note that Lexi Luna is one of the most popular names in the porn industry. Millions of his followers on social media. He has 48,000 followers on Instagram. There are also numerous fan pages. This time the popular porn star wants to fly in space. Not only that, he will be shooting pornography videos.

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