#Kabul: The Taliban are now in full swing across Afghanistan But the opposite picture was seen in the valley of Panjshir Afghan troops, virtually fleeing the Taliban’s offensive, were spotted on the way to the Panjshir Valley. Even multiple Afghan army tanks have been seen advancing towards the Panjshir Valley.

Incidentally, despite occupying the whole of Afghanistan, the Taliban have not yet been able to establish a foothold in the Panjshir Valley. Amrullah Saleh, the caretaker president of Afghanistan, is currently stationed there. From there, he is preparing for the fight against the Taliban Ahmed Masood, the son of Ahmed Shah Masood, known as Afghanistan’s anti-Taliban leader, has also appeared in the Panjshir Valley to try to form a force against the Taliban.

The Northern Alliance flag has already been seen flying in the Panjshir Valley. That scene was seen for the first time since 2001 The resistance against the Taliban in Afghanistan is building the courage of the people of this remote mountainous region. According to the Russian news agency, forces of another anti-Taliban leader, Abdul Rashid Dostum, are also allying with Amarullah’s forces.

Afghan commando Sarfaraz has already called on allied forces to help fight the Taliban. He was accompanied by Afghan Army General Hasib Panjshiri, General Hamid Saifi and Commander Khalid Amiri. Each of them wants to help Amirullah Saleh

As seen in the video, which has already been leaked to multiple media outlets, a large convoy of Afghan troops is advancing on the Panjshir Valley. They are calling for a new fight with the flag of the Northern Alliance Army commandos have also reportedly begun training to fight the Taliban in the mountainous highlands of Panjshir. Many of the Afghan soldiers who fled the country or went into hiding are heading to Panjshir to retaliate against the Taliban.

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