Afghan girl dances at the airport with her feet in the new country, this picture has won the hearts of the whole world – News18 Bangla

# Brussels: Someone is running towards the airport holding the hands of his parents Seeing the surrounding environment, they also understood that something very bad was happening In the last few days, the whole world has been saddened to see the faces of countless Afghan children who have left their homes, loved ones and set foot on an uncertain future. An exceptional picture came out of Belgium In the photo, an Afghan girl jumps on the airport tarmac with a smile on her face as she reaches the safe haven. The outburst of the Afghan girl fleeing the war-torn country with her parents has gone viral on social media.

All countries are taking back their citizens from Afghanistan Many of these countries are also giving shelter to Afghans for the sake of humanity One such Afghan family left the country and arrived in Belgium The viral image shows the Afghan girl arriving at Melsbrook military airport in Belgium with her parents. He started jumping as he got off the plane, perhaps in the joy of reaching a safe haven. Reuters photographer Johanna Geron captured the moment on camera After that the picture quickly spread on the internet Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verofstadt himself shared the photo on Twitter, saying, “This is what happens when refugees are given asylum … The little girl is welcome in Belgium.” Some people say again, this is the best picture of the year

This picture of the little Afghan girl has been shared by many people on the internet Most of them hope that a better future is waiting for that Afghan child in Belgium

The girl or her parents, who have fled the country and taken refuge in a new country, may not know if they will ever be able to return to Afghanistan in the future. However, the survival of the Afghan people is now above all else Even a small child seems to understand that The little minds that have been tinged with fear in the last few days of the Taliban regime may have danced with joy as they tasted liberation after entering a new country. The world wants to see a smile on the face of every child in Afghanistan like this unnamed Afghan girl. Only time will tell whether it is possible at all

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