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Afghan interpreter pleads for help from Joe Biden Biden saves US president, saves helpless Afghans 13 years ago? – News18 Bangla


#Kabul: He played a key role in rescuing Joe Biden, who was trapped in Afghanistan 13 years ago He is the one who is now hiding with his family for fear of his life From that hideout, Mohammad, an Afghan citizen, appealed to US President Biden for help. “Don’t forget me, President,” said Mohammed, a translator by profession.

He has worked with US forces in Afghanistan for a long time Mohammad fears the Taliban could retaliate after the Americans leave Afghanistan. That’s why he gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal asking for help from the US president while he was hiding in a secret dormitory with his wife and four children. Mohammad did not want to reveal his full name for fear of the Taliban

But what happened 13 years ago? In 2006, then-US Senator Joe Biden and two other former senators were hit by bad weather while flying to Afghanistan by helicopter. Biden’s helicopter was forced to land in a remote valley in Afghanistan. At the time, Mohammed was one of the members of the team that rescued Biden Mohammed stood guard for about 30 hours in the freezing cold with US forces.

The good news is that Mohammed’s plea for help from Afghanistan has probably reached the ears of the US President. On behalf of the White House, Jane Sackie, the US president’s press secretary, assured them that they were committed to rescuing Mohammed and his family.

Muhammad is not alone Afghans who have worked for US or NATO forces for the past 20 years are now hiding in fear of being attacked by the Taliban. Those who got the opportunity have fled the country

At the moment, however, the biggest obstacle to Muhammad’s asylum in the United States is the US visa policy According to the Trump-era policy, it would take about a year for Mohammed and his family to apply for a visa. However, the Biden administration has worked to simplify this complex process

However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Mohammed lost all his visa application papers to the contractor he was working for. Mohammed also arrived at Kabul airport a few days ago to leave the country But from there, he was told by US forces that his family would not be able to leave even if Mohammed was allowed to board the plane. As a result, Muhammad had to return Mohammad, who is currently hiding in Afghanistan, is now the only hope for US President Joe Biden.

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