#Kabul: Afghanistan under Taliban control. So many Afghans have been forced to leave the country to survive. Many of them have been rescued from Afghanistan and taken to the United States. Popular Afghan singer Sharafat Parwani has left the country and taken refuge in the United States. From there, a video of him went viral on social media.

Sharafat is singing for the patriotism left in the video. New York Times journalist Sharif Hassan shared the video. He also shared the translation of the lyrics. The lyrics say, “Motherland, you are tired of pain. Motherland, you are without melody and music. Motherland, you are in pain. But you don’t have a cure for that pain.” That video of Sharafat’s song went viral at the moment.

As can be seen in the video, he is singing this song thinking of the country with several other people in one of the refugee camps. The sadness of leaving the country and home has merged with that tune. Although it is not clear exactly when the video was recorded, netizens were moved by the song. After watching this video, many people wrote that they are praying for Afghanistan. Many have written that tears are coming to their eyes.

No one wants to leave their country, run away from home. But people are leaving Afghanistan to survive. The Taliban returned two decades later. Earlier in Afghanistan, they banned music, television and women’s workplaces. This time they want to prove themselves relatively soft, but the common people of Afghanistan are afraid to believe them. And so in the last few weeks he has left the country and taken refuge in other countries including Europe and America.

Roya Haidario, a female filmmaker from Afghanistan, also left the country to express her grief on Twitter. “I left my whole life. I was forced to leave my home so that I could continue to speak freely. People still remember the horrible memories of 20 years ago,” Roya wrote.

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