Afghan Viral child | The Afghan child, who was handed over to the US Army, has been safely returned to his parents

#Kabul: Twenty years later, the Taliban flag is flying high in the skies of Afghanistan. Panic, fear, tears, wailing, the world is rising in the news of death. The Taliban say they have changed. But there is no proof of that in their work. Thousands of people are rushing to leave the country with their babies in their arms. I was shocked to see the crowd at the Kabul airport. People are sitting on the wings of the plane to save their lives. The news of his tragic death has come to the fore. The Taliban are guarding the airport grounds with guns. So that no one can escape! The people also need the kingdom or to show their brutal power. Where will all the tenants get! And in the midst of all this, horrible pictures and videos are coming to the fore, which makes the world tremble.

Recently, the whole world was fighting over the video and picture of such a child. Thousands of people have gathered at Kabul airport to save their lives. There, in the crowd, a father was seen crossing a barbed wire and handing over his baby to the US Army. There were protests all over social media after seeing this picture. Will that little child be able to return to his parents? Many have broken down in tears thinking. What will happen to thousands of children!

However, there is news of relief in the book! In the midst of all the bad, a little good news gives peace of mind. So is this news. The picture of the viral child, whom the whole world cried over, is known to be fine. And the baby was handed over to his father at Kabul airport. To take to another country. US officials said this information. US Army Major Jim Stenger said, “The baby was sick. So his father pleaded with the Army to give him some treatment if he could. The baby was then handed over to the Army. After that the baby was treated and cared for. He was returned to his parents and they are all fine. He was able to leave Afghanistan. ” The whole world is relieved to know this news.

Not so much the future of a child is certain! But it is difficult to predict the future of thousands of Afghan children. I don’t know how much more blood is shed, but this atrocity will calm down.

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