Afghanistan | Malisha Heena Khan: Afghan actress Malisha Heena Khan said that her 4 family members died in the firing by Taliban in Afghanistan. Afghanistan

#Kabul: Four members of a family have been killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Afghan actress Malisha Heena Khan revealed herself on social media. Massage lives in India. And so he thinks he is lucky. The Afghan actress said four of the family members were her uncle, who at one time served as the transport minister for the Afghan government.

Four members of the family were driving. They were shot dead by the Taliban at the time. Said the masseuse. Among those four were his two cousins. “We are really lucky to be in India,” Malisha said of India. Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this.

Malisha added that 4-5 members of her family are still stranded in Afghanistan. They have somehow hidden themselves from the Taliban. Malisha tweeted that the bad news was coming from Afghanistan. We lost four members of my family. Among them was my uncle who at one time worked on the transport ministry of the Afghan government. Besides, I had 2 cousins.

In another tweet, Malisha wrote, “My sisters were raped in Afghanistan. The Taliban are now going door to door and picking up women from their homes.” 14-year-old girls are also being forced to marry. Being gang raped every day. About 10 people are raping together. The position of women is safe in India, said Malisha. He says India is much safer than any other country in the world.

In the context of 2016, massage also came up in the news. At that time, Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzadar spread nude videos. Then the singer was supported by the masseuse. The Afghan actress was also involved in the debate.

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