Afghanistan Viral Video || Parents desperate to save their lives, 6-month-old daughter fell at Kabul airport! Viral video …

#Kabul: Returning to the heartbreaking memory of Alan Kurdi. Airport staff rescued a seven-month-old baby girl lying in a corner of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport on Tuesday. For a long time on this day, the tears of the newborn were constantly flowing from one corner of the airport. The workers became frightened when they went to find the source of the tears. However, the child was rescued, but his parents were not found.

The child went missing from his parents amid a crowd of thousands at Kabul airport on Monday, according to duty officials. The family probably came to the airport with him to leave the country. Then somehow the child becomes detached from them. A picture of the rescued baby girl has gone viral on social media. The picture shows the baby lying in a plastic milk tray and crying.

On September 2, 2015, Alan Kurdi fell face down on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The world was shocked to see the lifeless body of five-year-old Alan wearing a red dress. A group of Syrian refugees was trying to reach Greece via Turkey, but the boat crashed. 12 people died. Aylan Kurdi was in that team. Aylan Kurdi’s body floated to the beach after the sinking. In the incident of that day, that memory came back again.

Kabul has been in turmoil since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Many Afghans are desperate to flee the country to escape Taliban rule. The picture of that country is becoming more and more horrible. The Taliban are doing whatever they want to occupy the country. Afghans want to flee the Taliban regime and take refuge in any country In this situation, there is a huge crowd at Kabul International Airport. He risked his life to save his life and boarded the engine of the plane. Three Afghans died tragically after falling from there. In the midst of all this, a video of an abandoned newborn at Kabul airport came to light.

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