#Kabul: The ghosts of the past are haunting so many women have fled Muluk since the Taliban came to power. And those who have no way to escape are spending their days in Kabul amidst the swings of hope and despair. In the meantime, some of them are equally brave. At the risk of his life, he took to the streets demanding protection of his rights. Yes, I was surprised to hear that the Taliban were in Kabul and this time a few women were seen participating in the protests. They claim that they do not want to lose the civil rights that they have gained in so many years.

Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad tweeted a video. That tweet shows four women surrounded by Taliban fighters. The four women wearing hijabs carried placards and chanted slogans on the streets of Kabul. They want social security, freedom of work, freedom of education, freedom to participate in politics.

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As soon as this picture came out, many people are going back to the time before 2011. Afghan women could not even take to the streets with anyone except family members to protest openly. But today, after the Taliban started the second innings, some of the women are taking to the streets, saying that the little civil rights we have had for so many years cannot be diminished.

On the same day, the female anchor was seen hosting a program on Tolo News, the most trusted media in Afghanistan. When it is time to leave the country for fear of death, many women have expressed concern that the Taliban will not let us live. Then this opposite picture is drawing the attention of the whole world anew. It is thought the Taliban could relax much of the previous strict law. Women may be given some facilities in accordance with the Shariah. How much, time will tell.

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