Friday, July 1, 2022

Afghans gather outside Hamid Karzai International airport even after suicide bomb blast People in Qatar appear at Kabul airport – News18 Bangla


Kabul Airport 8 was shaken by a deadly explosion on Thursday More than a hundred people lost their lives Most of them are Afghan citizens The number of injured is more than 150 The Haqqani network has joined forces with ISIS to ensure that Afghans do not rush to the airport to leave the country.

After this horrific explosion, the panic in Afghanistan has naturally increased But even after that, the Afghans were desperate to leave the country and headed for Kabul airport Thousands of Afghan men, women and children were seen waiting outside the Hamid Karzai airport on the same day. Afghans are desperate to leave the country, risking their lives the day after the airport bombing. The only hope is to somehow fly over the Taliban-ruled homeland to an uncertain destination.

Kabul Airport 8 was closed after a series of explosions on Thursday But since Friday, the US military has resumed rescue operations in Afghanistan Although there could be more militant attacks like on Thursday, US forces are fearful of that

A video posted by a reporter for the Afghan news agency Tolo News shows people crowding outside Qatar’s Pachil at Kabul airport. There are innumerable people standing in the water There is no guarantee as to how many of them will be able to leave the country in the end

The photo has been taken outside the Hamid Karzai Airport since the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15th. The Taliban fired indiscriminately outside the airport to intimidate Afghans trying to leave the country. 8 deaths have occurred even after being trampled But even after that the crowd at the airport did not decrease Kabul 8 was finally shaken by a terrible explosion on Thursday But within 24 hours, more and more Afghans seemed desperate to leave the country. Seeing the helpless Afghans, it seems that if they stay in the country, even the Taliban can lose their lives They think it is better to leave the country at the risk of their lives

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