#Washington: US President Joe Biden has warned that those responsible for the bombing at Kabul airport will be found and punished. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside Kabul airport on Thursday, killing 12 US troops stationed in Afghanistan. In all, at least 60 people lost their lives IS militants have claimed responsibility for the attack

“Let those who carried out this attack and those who want to harm America know that we will not forgive them,” Biden said. We will not forget We will find them and punish them. ‘

Biden paid tribute to the fallen American soldiers and called them heroes However, the US president made it clear that, as previously announced, the US military would continue its rescue operation in Kabul until August 31.

“We are not afraid of militants,” he said I will not stop my campaign The rescue operation will continue as it is. ” Joe Biden said the US military had decided to continue the rescue operation, knowing there was a risk of another attack. At the same time, however, the US president acknowledged that there was no evidence that the Taliban were colluding with IS in the Kabul bombings.

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