#Kabul: Rajakshma, this word is in the dictionary but it has almost no application in today’s world. This old-fashioned term comes from the establishment of Taliban dominance in Afghanistan. The Taliban are making it clear that their new innings is very different from the previous one. Those who would have given the death penalty as soon as the lime fell from the drink, spoke of the royal pardon on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan did not want any bloodshed. On the other hand, it has been said that all those who worked closely with the previous government, even those who served as Western soldiers, have been pardoned under the direction of higher leadership.

There are two more special places in the Taliban statement. It said the Islamic Emirate wanted to create an atmosphere of peace by protecting the life and property of all its citizens. They will not touch any person’s personal property. This is where the question comes from. How much concessions are the Taliban going to make to the women who have suffered the most in the 40-year history of war hatred?

To the surprise of the diplomatic community, the new Taliban can emerge from the highly conservative Islamic thinking of their predecessors. They are giving hints that they can give some concessions to women. There has been a situation in the past when women could not set foot on the porch of a house in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. He could not listen to any radio or television program. He could not take part in public gatherings. Punishment included stoning, mutilation, and public hanging.

But the Taliban, who seized power without bloodshed, may not be as brutal as the hardline Taliban before 2011. They can create a new brand to write their name in the good books of the world where women will get a little more opportunities than before.

Emanullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, told reporters on Tuesday that women had been the hardest hit in Afghanistan for 40 years. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan does not want women to be cornered like this. They will bring education and job opportunities for women. This does not mean that any anti-Sharia work will be done. The presence of women at the administrative level will be ensured by respecting Sharia and culture.

There was a time when women could not go out on the streets of Afghanistan without family members. Even standing in front of the camera was forbidden. The new Taliban, however, speaks of generosity. In the last few days, it has been hoped that the women, who are counting down the days to Paul Anupal’s death, will live a little better in this new regime than in the horrible past! The answer will come in the near future.

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