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#Kabul: This is the Taliban or the new Taliban. Not from the Torabora Caves, but from Kabul. Those who have multiple handles on social media. However, torture in the sleeves is not new yet. A few days ago, they strangled a female basketball player to death. The Taliban, an extremist group that took control of the country three months ago, has banned the use of all foreign currencies, including dollars, in Afghanistan.

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In a statement, they said that in the economic situation and in the national interest of the country, all Afghan citizens need to use Afghan currency in all kinds of trade. All citizens, shopkeepers, small and large traders and the general public in the Islamic Emirate (the Taliban calls Afghanistan by this name) are now being instructed to conduct all transactions in Afghan currency and to refrain from using foreign currency. Those who disobey the order will face legal action, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement posted online.

Observers fear that their move will further destabilize the country’s economy, which is already on the brink of collapse. Shortly after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August, the US Federal Reserve and central European banks seized billions of dollars in Afghan assets. The country’s economy is in crisis after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, according to a Reuters report.

The Taliban has demanded the release of foreign currency holdings in Afghanistan due to a serious cash crunch. Earlier, foreign grants accounted for three-quarters of the country’s government spending. The US dollar is trading in Afghan markets.

The dollar has been used for trade in various border areas of the country, including the border with Pakistan. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned last month that the country’s economy could shrink by up to 30 percent this year. If that happens, millions of people in the country will fall below the poverty line and a severe humanitarian crisis will ensue, they said.

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