Ashraf Ghani Afghanistan: Helicopter-car full of money champat! What the ‘villain’ Gani said from the secret shelter …

# UAE: Ashraf Ghani, the newly ousted President of Afghanistan, first tried to flee Kabul to Tajikistan after taking over the country from the Taliban. Not finding shelter there, he turned the plane and reached Oman. Then he could not be found. However, it is learned that he is in the United Arab Emirates with his family. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government said on Wednesday that Ashraf Ghani was in the country. Gani has been given shelter for the sake of humanity And then came some of Gani’s comments. Where he claimed, he did not ‘betray’ the people of the country. Although Afghans say Ghani has pushed them to an uncertain future and death.

Gani tweeted that he would address the nation. But before that, his statement came out in a video message. There he said, ‘I came to the country with the security forces. So the Taliban were looking for me. They were looking for me. What happened in Afghanistan 25 years ago is repeated. Gani added, ‘I didn’t want bloodshed. I wanted to hand over power to the Taliban peacefully. But that never happened again. ‘

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has been accused of taking four cars and a helicopter loaded with cash during his departure. According to an Al Jazeera report, the Afghan president was forced to leave some cash on the helipad due to lack of space in the helicopter. There were four cars full of cash. They tried to put another piece of cash into a helicopter. But the place did not. A portion of the cash has been dumped at the airport tarmac. Gani also opened his mouth about this allegation. “I did not bring any money with me,” he said.

Incidentally, the Taliban entered the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday. Before that, Ashraf Gani fled the country. On reaching the destination, Gani wrote in a Facebook post that he had left the country to avoid bloodshed. But in the eyes of four crore citizens of the country, Ashraf Gani became a criminal in an instant. Fled the country. If Gani had not fallen into the trap, then his close ones think that an alternative way could have been found long ago.

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