#Kabul: For the first time since leaving the country, former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani addressed the nation in a video message. In a video message, he said he was forced to leave the country. Ghani fears that if he had stayed in the country, he would have suffered the same fate as former Afghan President Najibullah. Gani said he had to move in a situation where he didn’t even have time to melt his shoes.

In the 7-minute video message, Ashraf said, “There were some people who entered the palace who didn’t even speak the local language. They actually entered the palace by force of arms last Sunday. One thing after another happened quickly.” “I wanted to make a compromise so that the government could run in harmony with the Taliban. But I did not listen,” he said.

In Ghani’s absence, Abdullah, known as the anti-Ghani camp in Afghanistan, is talking to the Taliban. Former President Hamid Karzai talks with the Taliban. Ashraf Gani greeted the process. “I support their efforts. I want them to succeed. He wants to return to Afghanistan himself. I am talking about returning to Afghanistan. I want Afghans to get justice. True Islamic nationalist values ​​prevail,” he said. “

The news was spread that Gani had left the country with a lot of money. He thwarted that information that day. Ghani is currently in the UAE, where he has been granted asylum for the sake of humanity, Ashraf Ghani admitted.

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