Sunday, July 3, 2022

Bangladesh News: A good job if you do a good job a day! Dhaka hotel is showing a new path


# Dhaka: Corona, lockdown, lack of family. Due to these various reasons, anti-social activities are increasing in the society every day. Everything is forgotten due to lack of people. If you don’t have rice in your stomach, do you feel better? Does not exist. Then thefts, robberies, murders, robberies and many more increased to make a living. An organization in Bangladesh came forward to prevent people from doing anti-social activities in this situation. This group called ‘Youth for Bangladesh’ of Bangladesh has taken a great step to stop anti-social activities.

Hotels have been set up along the road to provide one-time rice to the marginalized people who have gone astray due to scarcity. There is no cash counter in this hotel. At noon people come and crowd there. There a volunteer with a pen and paper walked towards the people sitting on the sidewalk. Then he asked everyone two questions. “What’s your name?” And “Did you do anything good today?” And then everyone will be given a packet of food. Strangely the name of this hotel is “Good Work Hotel”.

Free food is available here if you do a good job all day. For example, someone helped a blind person to cross the road or a rickshaw puller took a sick and helpless passenger to the hospital for free. Someone has saved a puppy from an accident. No work is good or no work is good, there is no one to judge it. People have to think of one of his deeds as a good deed. And if one cannot do a single good deed all day, then of course he is not returned. This free hotel also has a loan-balance system, the next day you have to do two good things together.

This hotel is built near Kamalapur railway station in Bangladesh. Many people are coming here every day. And everyone is doing a good job at least throughout the day. And if you give the details of that work, you will get a full meal. This step is really appreciated. Many people have praised this initiative.

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