Bangladesh News: Went to catch hilsa, got fish instead! Wide smile …

# Dhaka: In Bangladesh, a large catla fish was caught in the fisherman’s net again. It is learned that a catla weighing 18 kg was caught in the jail net in the river Padma in Goalanda of Rajbari. And that big catla fish has been sold at a total price of 26 thousand 200 rupees at the price of 1 thousand 600 rupees per kg. The fish was caught at ferry wharf No. 7 in Daulatdia on Tuesday morning.

Ishaq Haldar, the fisherman who caught the fish, said that hilsa fishing was stopped in Bangladesh from October 4 to October 25. That ban was relaxed from midnight on Monday. After that he went out to the river Padma with his team. And even though hilsa was not caught much, a big catla weighing 16 kg was caught in his net.

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It is also learned that the fisherman brought the fish to Daulatdia Ferry Wharf No. 5 for sale. After that there was a lot of noise. Many people keep giving different prices. One person bought the fish at Tk 26,400 per kg at Tk 1,650 per kg. He later sold the fish to a trader at Tk 1,600 per kg for Tk 28,200.

This is that catla fish This is that catla fish

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According to local fisheries experts, there is a shortage of hilsa in the Padma at present. However, fishermen are now catching different types of fish including big rui, katla, ar, chital, boal, pangas.

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