# Chittagong: The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan. That is why countries like India and Bangladesh are worried. Although India has not yet made its position clear on the Taliban, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, speaking on behalf of the Bangladesh government, said Bangladesh would welcome any government in Afghanistan if it was a government of the people of that country. In this situation, there is a fear of joining the Taliban in Upper Bengal. According to Bangladesh sources, several Bangladeshi nationals have migrated to Afghanistan to join the Taliban.

A source claimed that two Bangladeshi nationals had entered India from Chittagong via Tripura. Their next destination may be Kashmir. From there they will go to Afghanistan. The goal is to join the Taliban. Dhaka Police Commissioner Shafiqul Islam said several more Bangladeshis had left the country to join the Taliban.

However, he said that the intelligence agencies are keeping secret how many Bangladeshis have gone to Afghanistan or how many Bangladeshis are there in the interest of the country. Those who work in the country are being warned about all this. However, if the returnees from Afghanistan try to enter Bangladesh, they will be arrested, the police said.

Afghanistan is set to be renamed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after the Taliban took over. The militant group is going to announce the formation of this new government soon. Meanwhile, a video of a young man from Bangladesh has gone viral on social media. As soon as the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the message of the Bangladeshi Mujahideen came to the fore. The young man said, “How much could I serve my parents if I was in the country? If Allah accepts me here in the war, they will be given infinite dignity. And that is my greatest service.” In this case, other militant organizations around the world are getting more courage to raise their heads, which has become a cause of real panic in the international arena.

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