By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

Bargain Bizz.Com has announced its arrival in the electronic marketplace and have all the potentials to be a game changer in the Business to Customer (B2C) marketplace.
This online B2C portal is already creating a buzz in the industry for its unique USP of real time online bargaining on a one- to-one basis, with the objective to strengthen the customers to interactively bargain on products of their choice in real time, which offers the benefit of price discovery for the customers.
Bargain Bizz.Com connects buyers who consume fashion accessories, ethnic products and handicrafts, with the sellers who manufacture these items and are seeking innovative routes to the market across geographical boundaries through a technology infrastructure and sophisticated process orchestration.
Bargain Bizz.Com is an AI (artificial intelligence) enabled business process that have received a Copyright granted by Govt. Of India.
Mr. Atanu Kar and Dr. Sudip Bose, the Co-Founders of Bargain Bizz.Com stated that this platform will facilitate economic enrichment and employments to many and will generate direct and indirect employment opportunity of around 1000 people within 3 years of operation.


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